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Urban Skate Park

New Platform

for Real Story.

Platform where each miniature/toy

could turn into an interactive game and/or story

It is an interactive board on which various game scenarios can be displayed. In fact, there are a few scenarios in which the players can get indulged.

One scenario has got detective elements and the players aim at resolving the murder case by following given hints.

Circus management scenario requires the players to allocate resources in the right way so that the outstanding circus performance doesn’t get ruined.

Scenario where interest groups dominate over one another requires the players to get divided into different interest groups such as cowboys, Indians, circus performers, city mayor or sheriff and fight over influence zones, land, gold and even the right to live.

​The board is designed to accommodate many more different scenarios then the ones listed above. 


Unique story library

•The platform allows to easily implement various story lines with various endings.

•Skill building and learning gamification.

Turn real world into imaginable

•Each miniature, card or other things could have specific role and fully participate in the various games.

•Any toy set could be turn in interactive game and unique story (LEGO, Schleich, Wargames and etc.).

Involment of creators and players

•Independent creators and developers could implement scenarios, new characters and etc.

•Players could pay per game or subscription fee.

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