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First test: to develop or not to develop.

Atnaujinta: 2020-04-16

The first test of the game happens in my flat. I invited a team of game enthusiasts, who were engaged with various type of the games. It was a little bit scary to ask opinion about the game serious players with whom I am not familiar.

The first test of the game or to put it more precisely the test of the idea took place at my place. I took the initiative in my hands and invited a team of gaming enthusiasts, who previously had been engaged in various types of games. I felt shy and a bit uncomfortable asking them whether they liked the game or not.

The MVP of the game looked quite primitive. The app had only 20 percent of the game functionality. Other app functionality we compensated with cards, excel sheets and a good moderator. Gameboard was made from Playmobil figures in order to cozen up the environment and make the board more inviting and attractive. Now when I look back at that moment I can still feel the wave of embarrassment rushing through my body as the figures looked as if I had stolen them from some nursery school kids’ showroom and I must admit they were no help whatsoever.

Bearing all that in mind I was overwhelmed to hear their positive

and inspiring feedback on the game, here are a few of them : “so involving and unpredictable the story line”, “new mechanic which I haven’t seen or played before”, “that is combination of mafia game, RPG and escape room” “I am waiting for final version of that.”

Positive feedback and the lit-up faces of the players served as the greatest inspiration to me and that day of the first test marks the date of when took a decision to continue developing the game and take it to the next level.

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